Saturday, March 8, 2014

After a long absent blog I am going to start writing here again in detail about my journey of healthy eating and living. First I have to takes some time learning how this blog works. Give me a few days and I will be back with pictures an a rundown of the last five years.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

30 and loving every minute of it!

Happy Birthday to ME!!! I am 30 today and I am loving every minute of it. I have gotten everything I have asked for and more. I have finally made it out of my 20's! 11 more days until my wedding day, I can hardly wait. I Love the beautiful engagement ring I was given yesterday. I can't wait to start my life with Rich forever by my side.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last day at 29 but 30 looks even brighter.

The lifestyle change is doing me well. I went to my PA yesterday and she said all of my test are good. Little to no fat in my blood and good blood pressure. Whatever she tested me for and I forget now she said she has never seen a test so good. I pointed out to her, (as if she couldn't see) that I was still fat. She just kinda made a face and said, "well your blood test is good." Very good news. I may not look on the outside how I feel on the inside but very soon I will. The pounds seem to be melting off with little effort. If I give it a little more maybe just maybe I will see a little faster result. We are going out of town today to pick up my rings. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I will be 30 tomorrow. Finally out of my 20's. Time to start a new chapter in my life and this time I believe I have got it right.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gains and losses

I am gaining a husband but losing a girl friend. I should be happy but I only feel it around Rich. I Love him so much. People say its personal when you get married. It's something between family. "Don't feel too bad that your best friend is mad at you right now." I went and got the book, Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff. Its helping. One good thing about this situation is, when I am upset, I don't have an apatite. I am eating way less then I was. I now have to remind myself to eat because my stomach isn't telling me too. Food now taste bland to me. Maybe this is why I don't want to eat. I swear I could eat a card board box and tell myself its a pizza and my taste buds wouldn't know a difference. My life right now is full of love and I do feel it. I feel his love right to the core of me and you gals also help me see the light every day that I log on and read your stories. I know my life will move on without my best girl friend in my life but I am not yet ready. Everything happens for a reason and if this is what was always meant to be I guess I am going to have to go with the flow. I may just be in mourning over the loss that is why I can't eat...or...maybe and hopefully not, the darkness is starting to hit and this is just the first sign. Whatever the case may be, I need to call my Doctor for help. Hopefully, he will have some answers for me because I am out of answers. Now all I need to do is bring myself to call him.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Besides all the gals in this competition and the fact that I am so sick and tired of being a big girl, I finally have found some other things that get me up and onto my stationary bike at home. I watch and dvr my favorite funny lady (Ellen DeGeneres) and for that hour while I am laughing I am also getting my exercise. Yesterday was particularly motivating because she had on Allison Sweeny (sp?) You know, the host of The biggest Loser. As I worked out they were talking about how good it is to workout and how they were proud of the people on the show for changing there lives. I really only meant to spend 45 minutes riding but was so motivated I spent an extra 10 minutes riding. I find that motivation comes in a lot of forms. Mostly from the gals in this competition but I have also found other things that help me to get up and get moving. Watching my favorite daytime talk show while on a stationary bike is just one thing. Now all I have to do is figure out how to dance while on the bike and I will be set. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's raining it's pouring...

It's windy, it's pouring down rain and the air is crisp a fresh. I personally love this weather. I plan to ride inside today but I love this weather, I find it cleansing and refreshing. Luckly for me the weather is forecast to last a couple more days. To me, this weather is a reason to smile. I just hope that everyone is safe today and do their workouts inside if it is raining like this where you live.